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In-Depth Intake Upon your arrival

Whether it’s your 1st first visit or your hundredth, we will always check to see what your pet’s needs are at each visit.

Report Card

We provide a verbal physical and behavioral report after each visit.


Grooming Services

Partial Groom

Includes a bath (yes, ears & glands!), blow dry, quick brush-through & trim (nails, face, feet & fanny).

Full Groom

Includes everything in a Partial Groom, plus a full, custom haircut for your pet.

A La Carte & Extras

Nail trim


Teeth Brushed

Ear Cleaning


Medicated Shampoo

Itchy Dog Treatment

Detangle Brush Out


Foot Trim

Face Trim


Services Menu


Pricing is based on the size, coat, behavior and condition of your pet; due to these qualifications, we can give estimates only. 



Please call for a personal estimate.


Small dog
Partial Groom $40+

Full Groom (including Haircut) $60+


Medium dog
Partial Groom $55+

Full Groom (including haircut) $80+


Large dog

Partial Groom $65+

Full Groom (including haircut) $100+


Extra large dog

Partial Groom $85+

Full Groom (including haircut) $120+



Partial Groom $50+

Full Groom $75+

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